Whats popular!

MS Windows1
Files / folders (the file-system)2
Internet and Email0
Basic Word processing1
Internet / computer security0
When things go wrong1
Mail merge1
Buying / Selling on Ebay1
Digital Imaging1
Toolbars and menus in MS Word2
Advanced Internet research / Googling1
Friends / Genes reunited0
Choosing hardware / upgrading1
Free software and GNU Linux2
Desktop publishing / Document layout1
File sharing (peer to peer)1
Voice over IP (internet telephone)0
Digital photography1
Networking (wired/wireless) / Sharing broadband0
Web photo gallery0
Burning (writing) CD's1
Computer housekeeping (defrag, disk cleanup etc)2
System settings1
Document compatibility and the Portable Document Format (PDF)0
Internet Shopping0
Making and accepting payments using Paypal3
Internet options in MS Windows0
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